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Kill The Lights ~Anko & Sakura~ (Requested by ImperfectionPerfection)

Name- Chinnatsu "Chi-chan" Hebi

Age- 12 [Actually 43]

Personality- Rebellious, Lazy, Laid Back, Hyper, Easily, Embarrassed, Flirty, Sarcastic, and Goofy

Background- Chinnatsu is best friends with Shikamaru and Naruto. She met both of them during the second examination of the Chuunin Exams in the Forest of Dead. She also helped seal Orochimaru's arm which allowed the 3rd Hokage to live. Chunnatsu is the younger half sister of Orochimaru, they both share the same father. After, their father died the Hokage took her in and trained her. Decades later, Orochimaru wanted her power and blood so he tried to kill her but Chinnatsu sealed her soul inside her body which allowed her to be reborn inside of her own body. Which allowed her to grow up again.

Anything Else- Loves reading mystery and spell books. Has a husky and snake mixture named Zerijoku. (Face and arms of a Husky but body of a snake.)


You stood in front of the Hokage with your arms crossed as he was explaining your newest mission. You would be going to a small village that has been having problems with bandits and you were to eliminate them. It seemed to easy to be having a three man squad but then again you couldn't complain.

"Anko, you will be squad leader today, Sakura and Chinnatsu make sure you follow her orders." the Hokage said as you both nodded lightly.

You were all dismissed as Anko stood in front of you both smirking.

"Alright, get all packed and ready and meet at the gates in 10 minutes." she said as you both nodded and she scurried off.

"She sure seemed excited." Sakura said as you laughed saying, "She always is.. well meet you at the gates."

You both walked to your places as you were greeted by Zerijoku and pat his head before running in your room to pack. You made it to the gates before the others stood against the wall thinking about the mission. You smirked at the idea of both Anko and Sakura alone with you and it made you close your eyes in content. You heard footsteps and saw Sakura come into view as you smiled towards her.

"Looks like our sensei is late.. what do you say when we stop at a hotel we punish her.. eh Sakura." she turned towards you as your smirk grew and she gave you a mischievous smile.

"Sounds like a good plan." Sakura said as you turned to see Anko running up to you all.

"Good you're here, now let's get moving." she said as you nodded and began jumping through the trees behind her.

It took most of the day to reach the village and the sun cast an orange glow overhead as you could see the building just ahead. You and Sakura listened as Anko gave you instructions on what to do and you listened intently. Sakura was to stay in the village while you and Anko waited at the two entrance points and took out the bandits that tired to come through. Sakura left to do as she was told as you made your way to the other entrance concealing your chakra and waiting up in a near by tree.

The sun had finally set when you sensed movement in front of you. You got your kunai out and crouched lower as a couple of rouge ninja appeared in your view. You threw a little smoke bomb clouding there view as you jumped down and began fighting them. You took out one of them and did a back flip throwing some shuriken at some others as they were nailed to a tree and you quickly knocked them out. You battled against the last one and ended up with little scratches but in the end you had beaten him. You made your way into the village to see if Sakura and the villagers were alright and saw her standing facing away from you.

"Hey, did any get through?" you asked as she turned and shook her head.

"No, but Anko-sensei hasn't finished yet." she said as you nodded saying, "Alright you stay put, I'll go over and assit her."

Sakura nodded and you made your way to the other entrance seeing Anko finishing the leader off with a gash in her shoulder from a kunai wound. She was panting lightly and gripped her shoulder as you walked over to her.

"Have you finished the others off?" Anko asked as you nodded looking down at her wound.

"Come on, we'll have Sakura patch up your wound." you said as you both walked back into the village as Sakura ran over.

"The guards took the bandits into custody, they said we can stay at the hotel over there." she said pointing to a little hotel at the edge of town.

"Alright, good job guys. Now let's go rest up." she said walking ahead as you and Sakura smirked at one another.

You were given one room since there was only one left available as you made your way to the small one bedroom room. You looked at the bed and let out a little laugh.

"At least the bed is big." you said as they laughed lightly and you set your stuff down.

Sakura sat Anko down and began healing her wound as you got some food for them. After Sakura finished Anko stretched and sighed happily as you watched her big breasts bounce lightly to her movements.

"Well I'm taking a shower... I feel dirty." she said grabbing a towel and walking into the bathroom locking the door behind her.

"Hehehe she's going to feel a heck of a lot dirtier when she comes out." you said as Sakura nodded undressing.

Sakura put on a very short night gown that showed her bright pink underwear every time she bent over. You on the other hand put on just a little button up shirt and had your black panties on as your breasts were popping out through your top. You pulled Sakura over to you kissing her lips lustfully as she returned it fully pulling your body towards her. You had her up against the wall as her hands rubbed all over your body feeling every curve. Your hands roamed up into her bubble gum colored hair raking your nails through it as she moaned at the touch. You heard the water go off in the shower as you let go of one another and smirked. You saw the door began to open as the steam rolled out heating up the air more than it already was. Anko walked out as you pushed the door closed behind her making her turn seeing you and Sakura staring at her with lust filled eyes.

"Hehe... so much for getting clean." she said as Sakura pushed her onto the bed and straddled her hips kissing her roughly.

You moved over and grabbed Anko's towel from around her and threw it across the room showing her to you and Sakura. Sakura began kissing down her neck as you brought one of Anko's nipples into your mouth swirling it around your tongue as Sakura did the same to the other.

"Oh..Chi.. Sakura.." she moaned out as you smirked sucking lightly.

You felt Anko sit up as you pulled your mouth to hers slipping her tongue into your mouth making your eyes fluttered closed. You could feel Sakura's hands unbutton your shirt as her hands grabbed onto your breasts squeezing them gently while your body arched up. You pulled apart from Anko's mouth and took your shirt the rest of the way off as you saw Sakura take her night gown off as well. Sakura pulled you towards her as your breasts pushed into hers as you kissed her tenderly on the lips making Anko make a little noise.

"Hey now, don't forget I'm still in charge of you both." she said smirking as you turned towards her smiling.

"What would you like me to do Anko-sensei?" you said looking into her dazed over eyes as she smirked.

The look said it all as you brought your hand down and rubbed it along her inner thigh slowly moving towards her entrance as she relaxed into the bed. Sakura came over holding Anko down and kissing her hard on the lips as you plunged your finger inside her causing her to moan in Sakura's mouth. You quickly added another finger and scissored her as Sakura began sucking on her nipple again. You could see the frustrated look on her face as she tried to buck up at your thrusts and you smirked bringing your head down and flicking your tongue over her clit.

"Uh.. Chi.." she moaned out as you smirked doing it again.

Sakura let go of her lower body as Anko pushed her body towards you making your fingers go in deeper. She began panting as she gripped the bed sheets as you began pumping faster and more vigorously.

"Ah! Chi!" she yelled coming on your fingers as you cleaned off her juices and Sakura giggled.

Sakura grabbed your fingers and sucked on them tasting the last of Anko's juices as Anko pushed you both onto the bed. She used each hand to tweek and pinch your nipples as you groaned out in pleasure and pain as did Sakura. She switched nipples as her head came down to yoru other one as she began sucking on it making you moan and arch into her body. She traded places doing the same to Sakura as she moaned out enjoying the feeling of Anko's hot tongue on her body. Anko stopped her treatment and brought her hands down taking both your underwear off and pushing her finger in each of you as you squirmed in delight.

"Anko.." you groaned out as she smirked and began pumping her fingers in the both of you.

"Faster.." Sakura said as Anko laughed and began pumping her finger faster into both of you adding another finger to the mix.

You arched your body in time with her thrusts as her pace quickened and her fingers spread and closed again sending your body into spasams. She brought her head down to Sakura's warmth and began pumping her tongue inside her as Sakura cried out in bliss. Your body heated up anticipating the same treatment as you heard a cry from Sakura as she came.

Anko smirked down at you both as a blush crept along your cheeks as her head went down and she moved her fingers and pumped her tongue inside of you as fast as it could go.

"OH Anko!" you cried out coming into her mouth as she drank up your juices and you laid panting as she licked her lips and smirked.

"You taste great Chi-chan." she said as you blushed again and Sakura laughed lightly laying her heand against your chest.

She snuggled up beside you as Anko did so on your other side as you all curled up under the covers getting some well needed rest.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

All Or Nothing ~Sakura & Ino~ (Requested by SpinelSun626)

Name- Nakari Uzumaki

Age- 16

Appearance- Nakari is basically the female mirror image of Naruto. (Not in the Sexy no jutsu/Ninja Centerfold way!) Being just a bit shorter in height and lighter in weight, there isn't a big difference between herself and her twin. She has the same blonde hair and blue eyes, but does not have the whisker marks on her cheeks like Naruto does. She usually keeps her almost waist long hair down. Nakari also doesn't wear an orange jumpsuit like Naruto. She wears simple black tank top, navy cargo pants, black sandals, forest green jacket, black fingerless gloves, headband tied around her left thigh.

Personality- Unlike Naruto, Uzumaki Nakari isn't a hyper-active knuckle-headed ninja. She is quite smarter than that, but mostly keeps to herself more often of the times unless she's with her friends. She's extremely loyal to those she cares about and to her village, easily risking her life for her comrades without even thinking about it.

Anything Else- Nakrai has a demon sealed inside of her as well. Her demon is Cergon a three-headed dragonish dog. He mainly looks like a normal Cerberus (The Harry Potter version) with dragon-like features, like wings.


It was another beautiful day in the Leaf Village, the sun was out and naruto was on a mission giving you the chance to save up money instead of buying him ramen. You had just got back helping out Iruka at the academy when you said Ino and Sakura walking your way. Your eyes averted as they began coming closer as a blush crept it's way on your cheeks. Sadly you and your brother had something in common, you both fell hard for the bubble gum haired kunoichi. But unlike him you also had a fascination on Ino as well. It was upsetting though when you learned they had become much closer than before Sasuke had left.

"Hey Nakari." Sakura said as they stopped in front of you as you have them a little smile.

"Hey you guys, what are you up to?" you asked as they both smiled towards you.

"Sakura was going to have a sleep over at my house.. Tenten and Hinata aren't here but maybe you want to come too." Ino said as your smile widened.

"Really? I would love to." you said as they both beamed happily at you.

"Great, just meet up at my house at around 8." Ino said as you nodded watching them walk away.

You did a little dance in your head and began heading home since it was already past 5. You finally made it to your apartment and began packing your things while smiling the whole time. You quickly ate a little something as you looked towards the clock to see it was almost 8. You began walking to Ino's place as you knocked on the door lightly. The door opened as Ino smiled at you.

"Hey Nakari, come on in." she moved out of the way as you took your sandals off and looked around.

"It's really nice in here, where are you parents?" you asked as she smiled saying, "There both on a mission, we have the whole house to ourselves."

You followed her into the living room and saw Sakura was sitting on the couch munching on some junk food as she smiled towards you.

"Glad you made it Nakari." she said as you nodded saying, "It was no problem.. it's nice to get out of the house."

"Well we got junk food, movies and games. So why don't we change into our pajamas and get this party started." Ino said pumping her fist in the air as you and Sakura nodded.

You changed in the bathroom into a button up shirt and bed pants, you walked out seeing Ino and Sakura in basically the same thing. Ino popped in a horror movie (Of your choice) and you all sat on the couch together as the lights dimmed down. You sat in the middle as Sakura and Ino hooked there arms around yours making you blush at the contact.

The movie was nearly over as now both Ino and Sakura were hugging you tightly and shaking while staring at the screen afraid. You had seen this movie already so it didn't bother you as much but you still enjoyed the comfort that Sakura and Ino were giving you. Once the credits began rolling Ino shivered and rubbed her arms.

"That was scarier than I thought.." she said as Sakura nodded taking out the movie.

You stretched lightly hearing little pops as Ino walked in the kitchen to get some drinks.

"So Nakari, have you found a boyfriend?" Sakura said smirking towards you as you laughed nervously.

"No.. I don't really like any of the guys here." you said tilting your head lightly.

"What about the girls." you heard as Ino walked in taking a sip of her soda as you blushed.

"Well... I.. uh.." you tried to say as they both giggled lightly.

"Don't worry Nakari, Naruto told me that you liked girls. You don't have to be embarrassed." Sakura said putting her hand up.

I'm never buying him ramen again... You thought glaring at the ground in dismay.

"Yea... me and Sakura like girls to, there's no reason to hide it." Ino said as you looked up at both of them.

"So are you guys.. going out?" you asked unsure with your question as they both laughed.

"No.. me and Ino are more like.. friends with benefits..." Sakura said smirking as they both looked at you like a piece of meat.

"What about you... do you have a friend with benefits Nakari?" Ino said coming closer as you swallowed hard blushing lightly.

"N..not that I know of." you said as Sakura and Ino looked at each other.

"Do you want one?" they both asked as you were backed into a wall with them in front of you.

Before you could say anything Sakura and Ino's arms were next to your head as you looked at the both of them. They brought there heads down and began sucking on your neck as your body pressed against the wall. Ino brought her head up pushing her lips into yours hungrily as you melted into the kiss closing your eyes. She pushed you further into the wall as Sakura worked her way down your neck unbuttoning your shirt along with hers. You all made your way to Ino's room as Ino's shirt was ripped off in the process. You were pushed into the bed as Sakura latched herself to your mouth in a lust filled kiss sending shivers down your spine. You felt your pajama pants slide off as Ino began taking hers and Sakura's off as well. You felt Cergon quiver inside you as his dominate side broke out and you tackled Sakura so you were on top and began sucking on her sweet spot as she moaned out. You straddled her hips as Ino came up behind you unclipping your bra and setting your breasts free. Her hands began massaging them from behind as you pulled off Sakura's bra and brought her left nipple in her mouth swirling it with your tongue.

"Uh Nakari.." she moaned out as you smirked and began sucking on it.

You felt Ino's breasts push against your back as you turned giving her a kiss on the lips as Sakura sat up grabbing your breasts and rolling them in her hands. You brought your hands down into each other there panties and began rubbing there clit as they tensed up excitedly.

"Ah.. Nakari!" Ino said as you smirked feeling her wet and ready for action.

You pushed your finger inside her as she bucked at your touch while you did the same to Sakura earning another moan of satisfaction. Your fingers moved at a slow pace as Ino and Sakura shut there eyes moaning and thrusting to your fingers. You leaned over kissing Sakura shoving your tongue in her mouth as she groaned and played with your tongue while your finger speed increased. You did the same to Ino as she moaned into your mouth and pushed her body closer to yours. Ino and Sakura began panting heavily as sweat built up on there forehead as you doubled your speed making them cry out in pleasure.

"Uh.. Ah! Uh.. faster.." Ino said as you did as she requested sending her over the edge as she came on your fingers.

She laid on the bed panting as your quickened your speed as Sakura yelled out in ecstasy coming on your fingers. You began lickign your fingers clean as Sakura and Ino looked up at you with glazed over eyes filled with lust and want. Ino pulled you into a kiss crashing her lips to yours as your tongues fought for dominance while Sakura came up behind you pulling you to her lap. She began molding your breasts as Ino worked her way down your body stopping at your clit. She began playing with it with her tongue as you moaned out as she forced your legs farther apart. Sakura then brought her hand down and teased your opening as you tried bucking into her touch but Ino held your legs still. She pushed her fingers inside of you as you groaned out her name but Ino silenced it by kissing you on the lips. Ino's mouth moved down and stopped at your nipples tweaking them as you tried arching into her body but was held back. You opened your eyes as she smirked towards you bringing her head down and licking around your nipple teasingly.

"Stop teasing Ino.. uh.." you moaned out as she did as you commanded and began sucking like a baby.

You felt Sakura add another finger as they began going faster. Ino switched nipples as Sakura removed her fingers and brought them to your mouth.

"Suck." she said into your ear as you obliged sucking and nibbling on her fingers as she moaned at the feel of your hot breath.

You felt Ino plunge her tongue inside you as you yelled out in shock and pleasure as Sakura took her place playing with your breasts. You began panting as the knot in your stomach tightened and sweat formed over your body. You felt her add a finger with her tongue as your body felt like you were floating and a white light flashed over your eyes.

"Ino!" you cried out coming into her mouth and finger as she drank your juices and smiled up at you.

Sakura leg go of your body as your breathing slowly went back to normal as they both smirked towards you.

"So.. how do you like friends with benefits?" Sakura asked as you smiled saying "It's better served with three."

Ino and Sakura chuckled nodding as you all laid on Ino's bed. Looks like you were able to get the two you wanted, you gussed sharing really is caring.

I Want You To ~Tenten~ (Requested by lationskaterchic10)

Name- Kotatsu Akasono
Age- 17
Appearance- Mid-way down back dark brown hair, hazel eyes, tanned skin, 5ft 6in, nicely proportioned body.
Personality- Sarcastic, perv, laid-back, nice, funny, sometimes random and hyper

The sun was shinning brightly as you walked out of the Gates of the Leaf Village. Tsunade had given you a simple mission to deliver a scroll to a neighboring village. Though it was easy she decided that a partner was needed and just your luck she had to pick one of your crushes Tenten. Tenten was the only one apparently available at the time which by the smirk that was on Tsunade's face it sas complete bull. None the less you couldn't have been happier having the skilled weapon nin by your side. You put your hands on the back of you head as you sighed lightly keeping up with her pace.

"So how far is this place?" Tenten asked looking towards you.

"Not to far... we'll be back by at least tomorrow..." you said stretching your body out.

"Lame..." she said as you nodded smirking towards her.

"Who knows we could make this mission interesting somehow." you said as she blushed looking away.

After a few hours you reached your destination and were escorted to the village's leader. He began talking as your mind blurred over until finally he took the scroll and offered you to stay at a hot springs.

"Awesome!" you said out loud as he chuckled and Tenten smiled.

You were both escorted towards the hot springs and given a room as you smiled.

"Well this may have been an easy mission but I'd have to say it was a good move." you said grabbing a robe as Tenten laughed.

Tenten was the first out of the room to the hot springs as you smirked lightly. You quickly undressed and wrapped the robe around you as you wlaked towards the hot springs. You opened the sliding door as you noticed Tenten was the only one in there. You took your robe off and walked towards the water as your hips swayed seductvively back and forth. Tenten turned away blushing as you smirked. This should be fun...

You stepped into the water and sighed lightly feeling your body warm up in the cool air. You sat in the opposite side of Tenten as the one you were in wasn't that big. You brought your leg up and brushed hers lightly as you could see her shiver lightly.

"So Tenten, how has your team been?" you said propping your arms up onto the sides.

"Pretty good, Lee and Gai-sensei are still as crazy as ever... and Neji has been spending a lot of time with everyone." she said smiling towards you.

"Lee will never change... but it's good that Neji is opening up more." you said tapping your chin and laughing lightly.

"Yea... so how have you been?" she said as you smiled saying, "Pretty good, I've been helping out a lot around the village so it's nice to get out."

"Yea I've been on non stop missions, but it's these kind that make it worth it." she said closing her eyes and leaning back a little.

"So you got a crush on anyone?" you said as her eyes snapped open and she blushed.

"Well.. I.. uh.." she tried saying as you put your hand up laughing.

"Calm down, just asking." you said as she looked down laughing nervously.

"It's just... I think it's more lust.." she said shifting uncomfortably.

"Lust eh?" you said raising your eye brow.

You got closer to her as your legs were touching lightly and she looked towards you. You brought your hands to each side of her and smirked towards her.

"So do I know them?" you asked as she blushed and nodded lightly.

"Kotatsu.. if you know why do you not just do something..." she said looking away as you smiled.

"I guess I should.." you said turning her head and kissing her on the lips.

You pushed your body against hers and brought your hand up raking your fingers through her hair. You felt her tongue run along your bottom lip as you smirked and opened your mouth letting her tongue slither in your mouth. Your hands went around her butt as you lifted her up more so she could wrap her legs around you. You pushed her farther into the side and lifted her up more as her breasts were out of the water. Her nipples hardened in the cool air as you brought your mouth over her right one as she moaned lightly from your hot mouth. You gave the other the same treatment as her mouth moved over your body sucking on your neck finding yoru sweet spot. You felt her hands go up and massage your breasts as you bucked your hips into hers.

You began grinding your hips into her as she moaned wrapping her legs tighter around you. You brought your hand down and stroked her clit lightly as she groaned.

"Kotatsu.." she moaned as you smirked and rolled her clit between your fingers.

Seeing how the hot spring was completely empty you pushed her out of the water until only her feet dangled in and brought your head down licking across her entrance. You plunged your tongue inside her as she moaned out gripping your hair in a bunch. You held her legs down as you began pumping your tongue inside her furiously as she began panting lightly. You pulled your tongue out and stuck your fingers inside as her body began to buck to your thrusts.

"Kotatsu!" she yelled as she came on your fingers before falling to the ground panting.

You licked off your fingers and pulled her back in the water with you as she looked towards you. You brought one of her legs over yours as you grinded your hips into hers.

"Uh.. ah.. Ko.. Kotatsuuuu.." she moaned out at the friction as you moaned to.

The water moved to your motions as the air heated up around your bodies. Your breasts both bounced to your thrusts as the air made them hard and sensitive. She brought her head down and brought your nipple into her mouth as she sucked on it roughly.

"Oh.. Tenten.." you called out groaning as she began to move faster.

You felt your peak coming as your grinding became more frantic and Tenten let go of your nipple as moans raked through her body. Your head went to the side as you thrusted your hips to hers before you both yelled out coming against each other. You laid your head in the crook of her neck as your breathing slowly went back to normal. She untangled her leg with yours as you looked up into her eyes smiling.

"Told you we could make it interesting." you said as she laughed kissing you on the lips.

You both got out of the water and went back to the rooms where you had more fun before falling asleep in each others arms.

-Next Day-

You both stood in front of Tsunade to give her the news on the mission.

"Sorry it was a boring mission you guys." she said looking towards you both.

"It's alright.. we made it.. interesting." you said as you smirked towards Tenten.

Tsunade watched you both walk out as you slammed Tenten into the wall smirking.

"Want me to make it more interesting?" you said looking towards her lustfully as she smiled.

"Wouldn't have it any other way." she said as your lips came together for another kiss before running off to your place.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mine For Life ~Konan~ (Requested by DeathNoteMisaMisa)

Name- Riku Amane (first, last)
Age- 20
Appearance- grayish/black hair, a bit past shoulders. Purple, deep eyes. Wears Akatsuki cloak. Underneath black shorts, black net thights, black boots (Knee-length), and a black tank top. Riku's a bit shorter than Konan.
Personality- A quiet calm person. Usually relaxed. Sometimes a bit cocky. Also, very lazy.
Anything else- Riku's an Akatsuki member. Her partners are Itachi and Kisame.

You were enjoying your day off reading a book in the living quarters at the Akatsuki base. Itachi was in his room like he always was and Kisame was out doing something outside the base. You heard footsteps coming as you turned your head only to blush lightly seeing Pein and the ever famous paper angel Konan.

"Hellow Leader-sama... and hello to you Konan-san." you said lightly as she gave you a little smile.

"Where are Itachi and Kisame?" Pein said as you closed your book saying, "Itachi is in his room and I'm not sure where Kisame is.."

"Well why don't you do something more productive with your time." he said before walking away as you scrunched up your nose lightly.

You grunted in his direction as Konan watched you for a moment before follwoing Pein out of the room, it was painful to think Pein and Konan were together. You had never really seen them do anything but for some reason it seemed to fit together in your mind. You made it to your room and began cleaning up your room to try and get your mind off of Konan.

You heard your door open as in hopped in a very happy Tobi.

"Hey Tobi.." you said as he stopped hopping and looked towards you.

"What's the matter Riku-chan?" he said tilting his head as you looked towards him.

"It's nothing Tobi.. what do you need?" you said as he clapped his hands together.

"Leader-sama wants you to cook tonight!" he said happily as you glared towards him.

"Fine.." you said walking towards the kitchen and began preparing everything.

You were in the middle of it when you felt a presence behind you. You turned slightly as you saw Konan standing there watching you quietly.

"Do you need something Konan-san?" you said calmy as she stepped closer.

"I thought I'd give you a hand." she said as you blushed lightly.

You held in a big smile and nodded as you both began working silently in the kitchen. Every so often her hand would brush beside yours sending a spark of electricity through your whole body. You both finished as you watched her walk to the table with some of the food and you sighed. It was upsetting that she was so quiet around you. You sat down at your spot between Itachi and Kisame and picked at your food lightly.

"What's eating you Riku?" you heard Kisame say as your head perked up lightly.

"It's nothing.. I'm just tired." you said shrugging as he looked at you skeptically.

"Well you're cleaning the dishes so you better get untired." you heard Leader say as you glared at your plate.

You didn't know why Leader was so harsh on you all the time, but for some reason you had an idea it was because of Konan. After all he did know pretty much everything. You sat at the table as everyone slowly began going to there rooms one by one. You began gathering all the plates quietly since some of the others were going on missions tomorrow.

"Riku." you heard and turned towards Itachi as he gave you an emotionless stare.

"Get your head in the right place, we're going after one of the tailed beasts in a few days." he said as you almost thought you heard a bit of worry in his voice.

"Sorry Itachi-san.. I'll be fine." you said as he nodded and walked off leaving you alone in the kitchen.

You filled up one side with hot water and began a long agonizing dish washing session. You had just finished all the dishes and let the water begin to drain when shuffling caught your attention. You turned to see Konan leaning against the wall as you looked at her worried.

"Konan-san, is something wrong?" you said noticing how late it was.

"As a matter of fact there is.." she said quietly as she pushed off the wall towards you.

You looked at her confused as she stopped right in front of you as you titled your head up to look into her eyes. She brought her mouth to your ear as her hot breath sent shivers down your spine.

"Be mind..." she said as your eyes widened and she kissed you roughly.

Your brain completly froze as her cool piercing grazed across your lip but her hands rubbing against your body snapped you back to reality. You closed yoru eyes as you brought your hands up wrapping them around her neck to pull her closer. You flet her smirk into the kiss as she slipped her tongue in your mouth massaging your mouth. You let out a struggled moan as her hands held your hips pushing further into your body. She broke the kiss as she gave little kisses around your neck.

"What about Leader-sama..?" you said quietly as she looked into your eyes.

"What do you mean?" she said as you blushed.

"What about him?" you said looking away as she laughed lightly.

"I'm not with him Riku... Now follow me.." she said looking into your eyes as you nodded following her to her room.

You looked at all the origami around the room as she closed the door and locked it. She came back towards you and grabbed the zipper to your cloak and opened it. You did the same for her as both your cloaks landed on the floor somewhere. She pushed you onto the bed as she climbed ontop of you kissing down your neck to the begining of your top. She tugged onto the shirt lifting it up as she began sucking all over your exposed skin. You brought your hands up under her shirt as you blushed feelling she didn't have wear a bra. You cupped her breasts in your hand as she groaned lightly nipping at your skin. You felt her unclip your bra as she threw it latching onto your left nipple and tweaking the right inbetween her fingers. You arched into her touch loving the feeling of her hot mouth against you and pulled her shirt off. You flipped her over and straddled her hips as you began kissing down her stomach to her skirt. You slid it down her body as you could see that she was very wet already.

You brought your fingers across her underwear slowly as she bucked up towards your touch. You slipped a finger past her underwear and rubbed her clit as she quivered underneath you. She quickly flipped you on your back and ripped down your shorts and underwear as you blinked before she brought her tongue along your opening.

"Konan.." you moaned out as your cheeks flushed lightly.

She slowly slid her finger inside you as you wiggled in anticipation. Her fingers worked slowly thrusting inside you as you looked up at her while your eyes glazed over with lust. She slid another finger in as she began scissoring you as your back arched lightly enjoying her delicate touch. She began thrusting at a faster pace as she brought her mouth down to your breasts as she licked around your nipple lightly making you want more. You began panting lightly as you felt your peak coming while she pulled her fingers out. You looked up to see her bring her head down as she thrusted her tongue inside you making you squirm with delight. You held her head as you bucked to her thrust. Her cold piercing felt incrediable as you moaned with each thrust.

"Konan!" you yelled out as you reached your climax and came inside her mouth.

She happily lapped up all your juices as you caught your breath back. She came up pressing her chest to yours as you shared a passionate kiss tasting yourself in her mouth. She let go and got off the bed as you sat up watching her grab something under the bed.

"I've been saving this for when I would have you.." she said holding up a double sided stap on.

She smirked towards you as you grabbed it fomr her pushing her gently onto the bed. You brought your head down and licked around her opening.

"Riku.. uh.. tease.." she moaned out as you smirked.

You pushed your tongue inside her and went at a slow pace as she groaned trying to buck her hips up but you held them down. You pushed the dildo inside her as she moaned and strapped it around her as she flipped you over. She pushed the other side inside you as your body tightened for a moment before she began pumping in into you gently. She grabbed onto your legs and wrapped them around her as the strap on pushed deeper into you both. You watched as her breasts bounced to each thrust as you reached up massaging them in your hands while she tiltled her head closing her eyes moaning out. She began thrusting into you faster as your head fell to the side and she brought her head down biting your neck lightly. You turned your head as you both kissed each other fiercfully as your climax ripped though your bodies.

"Riku! Konan!" you both yelled out in usion as she collapsed on top of you panting into your ear.

"Will you be mine?" she said looking into your eyes as you smiled saying, "Yours for life."

She unstrapped the strap on and put it off to the side as she pulled you into another loving kiss before falling asleep.

-Next Day-

You sat at the table a deep shade of red as Kisame chuckled towards you.

So Riku.. how was YOUR night?" he said wiggling his eyebrows as you buried yourself deeping in your cloak.

"I said get your head in the right place meaning sleep it off.." Itachi said as emotion threatened to show on his face.

"I think her head was in a great place." Konan said coming up as you kissed each other lovingly.

You gave them a cocky girn before running off back to Konan's room for some more fun.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

X Amount Of Words ~Tsuande & Hinata~ (Requested by latinoskaterchic10)

Name- Kotatsu Akasono
Age- 17
Appearance- mid-way down back dark brown hair, hazel eyes, tanned skin, 5ft 6in, nicely porportioned body.
Personality- sarcastic, perv, laid-back, nice, funny, sometimes random and hyper.

You were walking towards the Hokage's office as a sigh escaped your lips. Shizune was able to get a week off so while Sakura was gone on a mission you were filling in for them. You didn't mind working for Tsunade though, it was rather a treat to work around her. After all you both had been fooling around while no one was around. You reached her office and saw her swish around some saki as you placed the papers on her desk.

"That's the last of them Tsunade-sama." you said as she sighed flipping through them.

"Finally, I might actually get out of here earlier." she said scooting her chair in as you watched her quietly.

After a little while you were getting rather bored with just stnading there and looked towards her saki.

"What some?" she said holding it up without looking as you grabbed it taking a sip.

After an hour you were buzzed but sober enough to still have the ability to think before speaking.. at least for the most part.

"So Tsunade-sama, what are you doing after you finish?" you said wiggling your eye brows sugestivily as she looked towards you.

"You aren't trying to give me any ideas are you Kotatsu-chan?" she said raising an eye brow.

"No.. course not." you said sarcastically as she chuckled.

She pushed her papers to the side as you sat on her desk leaning back in front of her. She stood up pushing you back kissing your lips hungrily making you smirk. You pulled her closer thrusting your tongue in her mouth as she fought you for dominance. She pulled your shirt up as she squeezed your breasts through your bra as you arched towards her touch and wrapped your legs around her pulling her closer. She grinded her hips into yours as you moaned out from the friction. You were in the process of pulling her shirt up when a light gasp caught our ears.

You turned your head to see a very red Hinata standing watching you both. You unwrapped your legs from Tsunade's hips and pulled your shirt down standing up. Besides Tsunade the young Hyuga girl was a stunning sight to see especially when you found out she was bisexual.

"Hinata.. what is it you need." Tsunade said looking towards her as her blush deepened.

"I..I just wanted to.. to give you my report.." she said handing it to her quickly and rushing out of the room.

Tsunade looked towards you as you both smirked lightly.

"I think we should pay Hinata a visit for disturbing us." Tsunade said as you nodded saying, "I would very much enjoy that."

-Hinata's POV-
You ran back to your apartment and closed the door panting. You never thought you would walk in on Tsunade and Kotatsu doing that! You haden't been there for long but the time you were there it made your body hot for more. You shook your head stepping away from the door only to hear a knock. You went to the door again and opened it as your cheeks flushed lightly.

"Can we come in?" Kotatsu said as Tsunade stood beside her.

Without thinking you moved out of the way letting them in before closing the door behind you.

-Your POV-
As Hinata moved away from the door you locked it behind her as she blushed at you both.

"What... do you guys need..?" she said twiddling her fingers as you smiled walking towards her.

"Well since you disturbed what we started.." you began as Tsunade came up beside you saying, "We thought we would finish with you.."

You pulled her into a rough kiss as Tsunade began nipping and sucking at her neck making her let out a little noise of pleasure.

"Where is your room?" you asked slowly unzipping her jacket as she pointed to it through half lidded eyes.

You all very ungracefully made it towards her bed room shutting the door behind you. You finished unzipping her jacket as you threw it somewhere in the room. You began kissing down her neck as Tsunade came up behind you slipping her hands up your shirt and massaging your breasts as you moaned against Hinata's neck. You felt Tsunade unclip your bra as you took off Hinata's shirt to reveal her purple bra. You traded places with Tsunade as she took her shirt off and you squeezed her breasts and teased her nipples causing her to groan in pleasure. You put her nipple in your mouth and sucked lightly as she moaned into Hinata's mouth. You massaged the other and traded sides giving the other the same treatment. Hinata's bra was ripped off as Tsunade latced herself onto her nipple as you pulled down Tsunade's pants. You took Hinata's other nipple in your mouth as Hinata cried out pulled down your pants.

After many positions you were all in just your underwear as you sat behind Hinata grabbing onto her breast massaging and molding them inbetween your fingers causing her to moan. Tsunade pulled down her underwear as the cool air hit her making her gasp. Tsunade without hesitation pushed one of her fingers inside her as she bucked up moaning. You brought your mouth onto her breast and began suckling like a baby as she cried out in pleasure. You swirled your tongue around her nipple as Tsunade added another finger inside her as she began panting lightly. You stopped your treatment on her and came behind Tsunade and pulled her panties off sticking your finger inside her causing her to moan out in pleasure.

"Uh.. Kotatsu!" she yelled as you added another finger and began fingering her as she moved her hips to your thrusts.

You began scissoring her as she and Hinata were each reaching there climax. You brought your head down and thrusted your tongue inside Tsunade as she cried out again. You thrusted faster as she brought her mouth down and pumped her tongue into Hinata. You heard Hinata cry out in pleasure as she reached her climax as you went faster inside of Tsunade.

"Kotatsu!" she yelled before coming in your mouth as you licked up her jucies.

Hinata laid panting as Tsunade pulled you up kissing you as you tasted Hinata. You felt Hinata come up behind you and pinch your nipples as you groaned lightly at her touch. Tsunade pulled off your panties throwing them across the room in a heap. Hinata sat you down as your legs were spread for Tsunade and you looked towards her with lust. She brought your left nipple into her mouth as Hinata began teasing your clit with her fingers as you moaned lightly.

"Stop teasing.." you said to Hinata lightly.

Tsunade switched sides as Hinata thrusted a finger inside you causing you to arch into Tsunade. Tsunade moved her body down to your clit and began sucking on it lightly holding your hips down from bucking into her. You felt Hinata leave little hickeys on your neck as she added another finger thrusting faster. Tsunade plunged her tongue into you along with Hinata's fingers as you gripped the bed sheets closing your eyes.

"Uh.. Hinata..ah! Tsunade..." you said throught pants as the knot in your stomach tightened.

With a few more thrusts you came as Hinata licked up your jucies off her fingers. You smirked towards her and thrusted your finger inside her as she crumbled under your touch. Hinata brought her fingers towards Tsunade and pushed them inside her as she moaned lightly. You then felt as Tsuande slowly slipped hers inside of you causing you to groan lightly. You all bucked your hips as you rode each others fingers groaning and letting out cries of pleasure. You all shared a threeway kiss sticking your tongues in each others mouths panting as sweat began to build up on your bodies. Your fingers began moving faster as you each were nearing your peak.

"Tsunade! Kotatsu! Hinata!" you all yelled in usion as you all came collapsing on the bed in a heap.

You all laid panting trying to catch your breaths as you smiled towards Hinata.

"Aren't... you glad.. you disturbed us..?" you said as your breath became normal again.

"Yea.." she said blushing as Tsunade scooted up beside Hinata with you on the other side.

"Make sure you do it again." Tsunade said as you and Hinata laughed lightly cuddling into each other.

Spend The Night ~Ino Yuri~ (Requested by sadlover2)

Name- Star Uchiha
Age- 16
Appearance- Girl version of Sasuke
Personality- Sweet and Shy
Born one month after Sasuke.

The sun was going down as you and your team reached the front gates of the Leaf Village. After being away on a mission for over a week it felt good to finally come home and relax. Your sensei and teammates had left so you began walking to your house for the night. You smelt your clothes and cringed, a shower was needed as well. You began walking to your house and turned a corner only to bump into someone.

"Oh Star, I'm sorry." you heard as you looked up and blushed lightly seeing Ino smiling at you.

"It's alright Ino..." you said standing up brushing yourself off.

"I was actually looking for you anyway, my parents were being annoying and I was wondering if I could stay the night?" she said as your cheeks redened more.

"Uh... sure." you said as she smiled towards you.

"Alright, well lead the way." she said as you nodded and began walking beside her.

You both walked in a comfortable silence as you reached your apartment and unlocked the door. You set your stuff down as she looked around at everything.

"Hasn't changed much since your party last year." she said looking towards you as you nodded.

"I've been on so many missions I haven't had enough time to.." you said looking around at the walls.

"I know... it gives us less time to hang out together." she said as you hid a blush and nodded.

"Well, I'll make some dinner. Make yourself comfortable." you said making some ramen as she sat down watching you.

Even though you and Ino had been friends for so long you had never really had the courage to tell her how you felt. Before Sasuke left all she ever talked about was him and now that he's gone you were always there to comfort you. After so long you had grown a crush on her and now she was all you could think about. You placed the bowls down as she clapped and dug in.

"This is very good Star." she said slurping it up as you blushed lightly.

"Thanks.." you said smiling lightly.

After you finished you placed your bowl in the sink and sighed lightly.

"Well I'm going to take a shower. You're welcome to anything in my room." you said as she smiled and nodded.

You grabbed a towel and went into the bathroom and stripped down turning the water on. You washed yourself clean and let the water run down your body as you sighed. You dried yourself off and wrapped the towel around you stepping out of the tub. You opened the door as the steam rolled out of the room and walked to your bedroom. You saw your door cracked at bit and peeked in as your cheeks heated up. There sprawled out on your bed was Ino in a pair of your underwear and bra pleasureing herself. You felt yourself become we as her light moans filled your ears and her breasts bounced lightly to her thrusts.

"I know you're out there star.." she said huskily as you blushed deeply pushing the door open holding the towel to your body.

"I'm sorry... I.. I shouldn't have..." you began stuttering lightly as she put her hand up stopping you.

"Come here..." she said as you stood at the end of the bed as she crawled over to you.

She gripped your towel as you blushed looking down at her hands.

"Do you like me Star..?" she said seductivily as you closed yoru eyes and nodded.

She pulled your towel off and smirked saying, "Good."

You felt her grab your neck and pulled you down into a breath taking kiss. Your hands tangled in her hair as you licked her bottom lip as she opened it smirking. Your tongues fought for dominance as her hands traveled down your sides resting on your hips. She broke the kiss and began trailing her lips over your neck as you moaned lightly. She began sucking on your sweet spot as you closed your eyes in pleasure. She brought her hands back up and squeezed your breasts as you gasped opening your eyes. She began swirling her tongue around your left nipple as you inhaled sharply at her touch. She sucked on it as she squeezed and played with the other then vise versa. She pulled you down onto the bed climbing on top of you and kissing down your body till she got to your wet opening.

"I found something in the drawer that might be useful..." she said holding up your blue dildo as your cheeks heated up in embarassment.

She rubbed it against your opening as you bucked in anticipation making her smirk pushing it inside you.

"Oh Ino.." you moaned as she began thrusting it in you at a slow pace.

She nibbled on your ear and seductivily said, "I love when you say my name.."

Her pace began to quicken as she brought her head down and began teasing your clit as you moaned louder. You could feel the knot in your stomach grow as sweat began to build up on your body as she pulled it out. You were about to look up in disappointment when it was replaced with her tongue and she began thrusting it in and out.

"Ino.." you moaned out as she used her fingers to play with your clit.

She went faster as you began panting and closed your eyes as you screamed her name and came as she licked you clean.

"You taste so sweet Star.." she said licking her lips as you looked up at her panting.

You flipped her over and removed when little she was wearing and began kissing and nipping her neck. She moaned as you found her sweet spot and began bitting and sucking on it. You brought your hands over her chest and squeezed her breasts pinching her nipples as she arched her body into yours moaning lightly. You brought your mouth down sucking on her right nipple as your hand went down to her clit and teased her making her squirm.

"Star.. don't tease me.." she said looking up at you with lust filled eyes as you nodded.

You thrusted your finger in her pumping in and out as she gripped the bed sheets. You added another finger and began scissioring her as she moaned your name.

"Faster Star.." she moaned out as you did as she asked pumping faster as her body thrusted with your fingers.

You could tell she was nearing her peak as you replaced your fingers with your tongue pumping in and out as she gripped your hair lightly.

"Star.. I'm gonna.." she panted out as you went faster as she screamed out coming in your mouth as you drank up her juices.

You looked up at her as she kissed you lovingly as you both tasted each other and she broke it smiling.

"I love you Ino.." you said as she pulled you up towards her.

"I love you to Star." she said as you wrapped your arms around each other.

"Maybe you should spend the night more often." you said as she laughed and snuggled closer.

"Looks like it.." she said as you both fell into a blissful sleep.