Thursday, January 21, 2010

All Or Nothing ~Sakura & Ino~ (Requested by SpinelSun626)

Name- Nakari Uzumaki

Age- 16

Appearance- Nakari is basically the female mirror image of Naruto. (Not in the Sexy no jutsu/Ninja Centerfold way!) Being just a bit shorter in height and lighter in weight, there isn't a big difference between herself and her twin. She has the same blonde hair and blue eyes, but does not have the whisker marks on her cheeks like Naruto does. She usually keeps her almost waist long hair down. Nakari also doesn't wear an orange jumpsuit like Naruto. She wears simple black tank top, navy cargo pants, black sandals, forest green jacket, black fingerless gloves, headband tied around her left thigh.

Personality- Unlike Naruto, Uzumaki Nakari isn't a hyper-active knuckle-headed ninja. She is quite smarter than that, but mostly keeps to herself more often of the times unless she's with her friends. She's extremely loyal to those she cares about and to her village, easily risking her life for her comrades without even thinking about it.

Anything Else- Nakrai has a demon sealed inside of her as well. Her demon is Cergon a three-headed dragonish dog. He mainly looks like a normal Cerberus (The Harry Potter version) with dragon-like features, like wings.


It was another beautiful day in the Leaf Village, the sun was out and naruto was on a mission giving you the chance to save up money instead of buying him ramen. You had just got back helping out Iruka at the academy when you said Ino and Sakura walking your way. Your eyes averted as they began coming closer as a blush crept it's way on your cheeks. Sadly you and your brother had something in common, you both fell hard for the bubble gum haired kunoichi. But unlike him you also had a fascination on Ino as well. It was upsetting though when you learned they had become much closer than before Sasuke had left.

"Hey Nakari." Sakura said as they stopped in front of you as you have them a little smile.

"Hey you guys, what are you up to?" you asked as they both smiled towards you.

"Sakura was going to have a sleep over at my house.. Tenten and Hinata aren't here but maybe you want to come too." Ino said as your smile widened.

"Really? I would love to." you said as they both beamed happily at you.

"Great, just meet up at my house at around 8." Ino said as you nodded watching them walk away.

You did a little dance in your head and began heading home since it was already past 5. You finally made it to your apartment and began packing your things while smiling the whole time. You quickly ate a little something as you looked towards the clock to see it was almost 8. You began walking to Ino's place as you knocked on the door lightly. The door opened as Ino smiled at you.

"Hey Nakari, come on in." she moved out of the way as you took your sandals off and looked around.

"It's really nice in here, where are you parents?" you asked as she smiled saying, "There both on a mission, we have the whole house to ourselves."

You followed her into the living room and saw Sakura was sitting on the couch munching on some junk food as she smiled towards you.

"Glad you made it Nakari." she said as you nodded saying, "It was no problem.. it's nice to get out of the house."

"Well we got junk food, movies and games. So why don't we change into our pajamas and get this party started." Ino said pumping her fist in the air as you and Sakura nodded.

You changed in the bathroom into a button up shirt and bed pants, you walked out seeing Ino and Sakura in basically the same thing. Ino popped in a horror movie (Of your choice) and you all sat on the couch together as the lights dimmed down. You sat in the middle as Sakura and Ino hooked there arms around yours making you blush at the contact.

The movie was nearly over as now both Ino and Sakura were hugging you tightly and shaking while staring at the screen afraid. You had seen this movie already so it didn't bother you as much but you still enjoyed the comfort that Sakura and Ino were giving you. Once the credits began rolling Ino shivered and rubbed her arms.

"That was scarier than I thought.." she said as Sakura nodded taking out the movie.

You stretched lightly hearing little pops as Ino walked in the kitchen to get some drinks.

"So Nakari, have you found a boyfriend?" Sakura said smirking towards you as you laughed nervously.

"No.. I don't really like any of the guys here." you said tilting your head lightly.

"What about the girls." you heard as Ino walked in taking a sip of her soda as you blushed.

"Well... I.. uh.." you tried to say as they both giggled lightly.

"Don't worry Nakari, Naruto told me that you liked girls. You don't have to be embarrassed." Sakura said putting her hand up.

I'm never buying him ramen again... You thought glaring at the ground in dismay.

"Yea... me and Sakura like girls to, there's no reason to hide it." Ino said as you looked up at both of them.

"So are you guys.. going out?" you asked unsure with your question as they both laughed.

"No.. me and Ino are more like.. friends with benefits..." Sakura said smirking as they both looked at you like a piece of meat.

"What about you... do you have a friend with benefits Nakari?" Ino said coming closer as you swallowed hard blushing lightly.

"N..not that I know of." you said as Sakura and Ino looked at each other.

"Do you want one?" they both asked as you were backed into a wall with them in front of you.

Before you could say anything Sakura and Ino's arms were next to your head as you looked at the both of them. They brought there heads down and began sucking on your neck as your body pressed against the wall. Ino brought her head up pushing her lips into yours hungrily as you melted into the kiss closing your eyes. She pushed you further into the wall as Sakura worked her way down your neck unbuttoning your shirt along with hers. You all made your way to Ino's room as Ino's shirt was ripped off in the process. You were pushed into the bed as Sakura latched herself to your mouth in a lust filled kiss sending shivers down your spine. You felt your pajama pants slide off as Ino began taking hers and Sakura's off as well. You felt Cergon quiver inside you as his dominate side broke out and you tackled Sakura so you were on top and began sucking on her sweet spot as she moaned out. You straddled her hips as Ino came up behind you unclipping your bra and setting your breasts free. Her hands began massaging them from behind as you pulled off Sakura's bra and brought her left nipple in her mouth swirling it with your tongue.

"Uh Nakari.." she moaned out as you smirked and began sucking on it.

You felt Ino's breasts push against your back as you turned giving her a kiss on the lips as Sakura sat up grabbing your breasts and rolling them in her hands. You brought your hands down into each other there panties and began rubbing there clit as they tensed up excitedly.

"Ah.. Nakari!" Ino said as you smirked feeling her wet and ready for action.

You pushed your finger inside her as she bucked at your touch while you did the same to Sakura earning another moan of satisfaction. Your fingers moved at a slow pace as Ino and Sakura shut there eyes moaning and thrusting to your fingers. You leaned over kissing Sakura shoving your tongue in her mouth as she groaned and played with your tongue while your finger speed increased. You did the same to Ino as she moaned into your mouth and pushed her body closer to yours. Ino and Sakura began panting heavily as sweat built up on there forehead as you doubled your speed making them cry out in pleasure.

"Uh.. Ah! Uh.. faster.." Ino said as you did as she requested sending her over the edge as she came on your fingers.

She laid on the bed panting as your quickened your speed as Sakura yelled out in ecstasy coming on your fingers. You began lickign your fingers clean as Sakura and Ino looked up at you with glazed over eyes filled with lust and want. Ino pulled you into a kiss crashing her lips to yours as your tongues fought for dominance while Sakura came up behind you pulling you to her lap. She began molding your breasts as Ino worked her way down your body stopping at your clit. She began playing with it with her tongue as you moaned out as she forced your legs farther apart. Sakura then brought her hand down and teased your opening as you tried bucking into her touch but Ino held your legs still. She pushed her fingers inside of you as you groaned out her name but Ino silenced it by kissing you on the lips. Ino's mouth moved down and stopped at your nipples tweaking them as you tried arching into her body but was held back. You opened your eyes as she smirked towards you bringing her head down and licking around your nipple teasingly.

"Stop teasing Ino.. uh.." you moaned out as she did as you commanded and began sucking like a baby.

You felt Sakura add another finger as they began going faster. Ino switched nipples as Sakura removed her fingers and brought them to your mouth.

"Suck." she said into your ear as you obliged sucking and nibbling on her fingers as she moaned at the feel of your hot breath.

You felt Ino plunge her tongue inside you as you yelled out in shock and pleasure as Sakura took her place playing with your breasts. You began panting as the knot in your stomach tightened and sweat formed over your body. You felt her add a finger with her tongue as your body felt like you were floating and a white light flashed over your eyes.

"Ino!" you cried out coming into her mouth and finger as she drank your juices and smiled up at you.

Sakura leg go of your body as your breathing slowly went back to normal as they both smirked towards you.

"So.. how do you like friends with benefits?" Sakura asked as you smiled saying "It's better served with three."

Ino and Sakura chuckled nodding as you all laid on Ino's bed. Looks like you were able to get the two you wanted, you gussed sharing really is caring.

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